Shallow Water? No Problem

The Shallow Water Lift incorporates a longer polyethylene tank with a lower profile to allow for operation in water depth of at least three feet. 

Constructed of durable polyethylene, the tanks have an increased wall thickness that is impact and puncture resistant. Similar in design to the UltraLift, the Shallow Water Lift has been engineered to keep the galvanized steel components on the top side of the tank, minimizing corrosion and maximizing the life of your lift.

Two models are available to hoist boats ranging from 5,000-9,000 lbs.

*Standard installation

-shallow water boat lift, low water boat lifts

Standard Features


  • 10 ft. Slip Minimum
  • Low Profile Molded Polyethylene Tanks
  • Adjustable Tank Placement
  • All Major Steel Components Out of Water*
  • Made for Applications in as Little as 3-Feet of Water
  • Two-Piece Stainless/Polyethylene Pitmen Bushings
  • Grade-8 Pivot Hardware
  • Boats Up to 28′ Overall Length
  • Inboard or Stern Drive
  • Drive-In Installation
  • Floating Docks and U-Shaped Slips

 Two models are available to hoist boats ranging from 5,000-9,000 lbs. 

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